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rescue squad [RESCUE 5]

Western Albemarle Rescue Squad (WARS) is an “ALL volunteer ALL the time,” community focused agency since 1978. WARS was established by a group of Western Albemarle residents who identified the need to have an agency in Crozet. Our coverage area focuses on the greater Crozet area and extends to the far northwestern and southwestern corners of the County. WARS is responsible for 229 square miles of response area, with 91 square miles being a part of Shenandoah National Park. WARS volunteers run approximately 1,200 calls per year and ensure staffing every day, all day and night.

We are a family-oriented organization with membership and community support opportunities available to individuals 16 years and older. WARS, in and of itself, is a family, welcoming individuals that want to give back to their community.

Our duty crews consist of day shift (0700 - 1800) and night shift (1800 - 0700), Monday - Friday and Sundays (0900 - 1800 & 1800 - 0700). Our week night and Sunday crews also have a 24 hour shift commitment every 7th Saturday (0900 - 0900). We also participate in various standby events within the community to include Western Albemarle High School football games, Women's Four Miler, health fairs, and UVA football games.


(434) 823-5104
1257 Crozet Avenue
Crozet, VA